This summer's challenge is protecting children's skin

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This summer's challenge is protecting children's skin

Medical care for babies and children with dry skin.

The problem

Dry skin, especially neurodermatitis, is becoming an increasing burden on our society. Unfortunately, small patients (infants and children) are most affected, and the main problem is skin itching . Possible causes of dry skin can be environmental factors such as: dry hot weather, too frequent cleaning of the skin, inappropriate detergents, and sometimes genetics.

The solution

The EUBOS line of children's skin creams was specially designed with the specifics of children's skin in mind. Care and cleansing products meet the special requirements of dry and atopic, sensitive skin: evening primrose oil protects the skin, rich in omega-6 fatty acids, as well as moisture-binding and anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as panthenabol bisabolol and St. John's wort extract or baloon vine extract.

By using vine extract, you ensure gentle and effective skin care. Proper skin cleansing is especially important for sensitive and atopic skin. Improper, overly aggressive skin cleaning products can additionally disrupt the skin barrier and cancel out the positive effects of skin care. This is why adult skin care products are generally not suitable for children, as they are designed for thicker and less vulnerable skin.

We invite you to try EUBOS children's skin products - soothing body lotion , skin cream and face cream for children.

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