Winter skin care

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Winter skin care

Eubos presents several extremely simple and easy-to-implement tips to improve the condition of the whole body's skin in winter. These tips will help you avoid unpleasant skin cracks, flaking, eczema and various skin diseases.

Usually, the condition of many people's skin worsens in winter - low air temperature in the yard, dry air in heated rooms and hot water in the shower create extremely unfavorable conditions for the skin.

How to avoid it? It's really very simple.

Ensure skin hydration

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is usually greatly influenced by the home's heating system. Radiators and electric heaters often dehydrate the air, and exposure to cold weather outside prevents the skin from naturally restoring damaged oil and moisture levels.

Eubos recommends several very simple solutions to relieve dry skin in winter.

First of all, try to slightly moisten the indoor air. Wet the towel several times a day and before going to bed and hang it on the radiator. The heated towel will dry and release moisture into the air.

Also, choose your skin care products carefully. Eubos recommends using creams for dry skin and body lotions . We advise you to pay attention to the composition of these products - creams , lotions and body washes with glycerin moisturize the skin best. Wrinkle creams also help dry facial skin, because the hyaluronic acid in them together with glycerin intensively moisturizes the skin.

Finally, you can help dry skin by simply drinking more water. This is probably the easiest tip to implement for dry skin, but dermatologists never underestimate its effectiveness.

Protect your lips from sores

Lip skin care in winter is really very simple. You will need one ingredient, a good quality lip balm or petroleum jelly.

Going outside? Apply lip balm.

are you going to sleep The lip balm will also nourish your lip skin well during the night.

Want to wear lipstick? Prepare lips with balm or petroleum jelly. This will add moisture and shine to your lips when you apply your lipstick.

Are your lips suffering from open sores or cracks? We advise you to resist the temptation to lick them often with your tongue, as this will wash away the sebum produced by your skin and other skin-healing substances with your saliva. It is better to apply Vaseline to the wound to protect it from the environment and speed up healing.

Protect the skin of your hands

Usually, the skin of the hands suffers the most during the cold winter months. Frequent hand washing, cold weather outside and dry air indoors create very poor conditions for healthy skin.

Fortunately, we have some tips for those who suffer from dry skin on their hands.

First of all, choose your hand cream very carefully. The glycerin in the hand cream will be especially beneficial to your skin in restoring moisture levels. We recommend using products with glycerin in a humid room (for example, in the bathroom after a shower), because the humidity will increase the positive effect of glycerin on dry skin. You can read more about this popular ingredient in skin creams and lotions here .

We also recommend developing the habit of using hand cream when you spend a long time indoors. If you spend long hours at the computer, keep hand cream at your desk to help you remember to use it regularly.

However, it is best to use hand cream in the evening in winter. Before going to bed, apply a generous layer of hand cream to the skin and put on cotton gloves. Gloves may feel uncomfortable in bed, but we recommend trying it for at least a few nights. Believe me - the result will make you very happy!

If you suffer from open eczema on the skin of your hands, you may need more serious measures than a simple cream with glycerin. In this case, we recommend trying a cream with vitamins A and D.

Use the pleasures of the bath to moisturize your skin

Earlier, Eubos wrote about tips on how to take care of your skin in the shower . We recommend reading this article and gaining knowledge about the daily impact of the shower ritual on the skin.

We also have advice for those who like to lie in the bath. This is a great opportunity to deeply moisturize the skin of the whole body. You will only need one product - bath essential oil.

Good bath essential oils have a moisturizing effect on the skin, which is especially useful when the skin comes into contact with water. Using bath essential oils will encourage the skin to absorb water and significantly improve its condition.

If you like to combine more skin care products, we recommend using body creams , lotions and cleansers with glycerin in the bath. This ingredient will further encourage the skin to absorb water.

Don't forget sun protection - skin products with SPF filters are also necessary in winter

Even though we see less direct sunlight during the winter months, that doesn't mean our skin isn't affected by UV radiation. Our skin is most affected by UV-A and UV-B rays, which are active in all seasons. Therefore, we recommend that you don't forget the sunscreen when you leave the house even in the winter months, especially on sunny days.

The sun's rays have a positive effect on our mood and also stimulate the body to produce vitamin D. However, if you do not protect your skin from the negative effects of these rays, you increase the chance of developing skin cancer or other skin diseases.

Sun rays also have a direct negative impact on skin aging and the formation of wrinkles.

That's why we recommend using creams and lotions with a 30+ SPF filter, even in winter.

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